India’s Century

India’s extensive endowments in natural resources, human capital, and innovation potential—among others—make the realisation of an inclusive and sustainable economy both possible and expedient. By 2047, India could become a ₹1500 lakh crore economy and achieve expansion in high-growth sectors: the country could triple the value of its manufacturing exports, cement itself as a global destination for quality healthcare, and further entrench its lead as a global hub for renewable energy. In response, India’s Century initiative includes a proposal that is sector-focused and facilitated by deliberate and considered collaboration between the government, industry stakeholders, and India’s businesses, also referred to as “India. Inc.” More concretely, India’s growth potential is captured within a priority framework, exploring ten immediate growth priorities that could propel it to become a high-income nation by 2047. Alongside this, innovation clusters could help shape an enabling environment for small to medium businesses to emerge as global challengers, as well as deepen their capacity for innovation.   

Vision India @100

India’s Century’s vision is a sustainable and inclusive economy that can grow at 7.7 percent annually, characterised by poverty alleviation, gender parity, universal access to basic amenities (including access to clean water and quality healthcare), and a transformed education sector that produces a highly-skilled, digitally-equipped workforce. The vision equally prioritises environmental gains of drastically cutting CO2 emissions to achieve net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2070.

Our Goals

Double agricultural exports and food processing

Double credit penetration of micro, small and medium enterprises in financial services

Augment growth in consumer tech

Triple high-value manufacturing exports, increase productivity, and accelerate import localisation

Increase India's share of global software as a service (SaaS) revenue

Improve ratios in higher-education gross enrolment and of student–teachers in primary schools

Grow households with tap-water connections, increase wastewater treatment, and reduce non-revenue water

Double the share of renewables in power generation and become the world's cheapest producer of green hydrogen

Reduce logistics costs in infrastructure and logistics industries and build national capability in construction

Raise ambition in healthcare by doubling the number of doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals per capita

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